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This company quotes and puts things in writing but will not honor it when it comes time to make the deal. Just say they quoted and put in writing a price of $20 something and when came time for deal it was $60 something.

I understand in making a mistake then we should get some type of discount or honor what was quoted and put in writing, but instead we get rudeness and hung up on and of course no manager on duty ever. If I were you, DO NOT do business there. I wish I didn't have to but due to bride being stressed out and all, I don't want to upset her any further, but for future I will not ever go to them nor will I ever recommend them. I'm sorry but I don't do business with a company who can't stand by their words and writing..

oh it was quoted at least 4 times and then was put in writing and STILL not honoring it. I'm one freaking pissed off person and my skin crawls knowing I have to get my shoes from them!!

Please do yourself a favor and order things online or just go somewhere else who believes in customer service.

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